MultiSport Summer Game – charity projects have been completed!


This year within the frames of MultiSport Summer Game and the holiday edition of Dobry MultiUczynek programme you could give the points you had collected to a good cause – charity projects. Thanks to your involvement, sensitivity and willingness to help every project collected the required number of points and Benefit Systems, the creator of the MultiSport programme, exchanged these points for actual financial help. If you are interested in the results and the support that our beneficiaries received, we present the summary below.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our campaign and gave the points their gained in the MultiSport Summer Game away for charity projects. You are amazing!



This year there were also winning projects from the first edition of Dobry MultiUczynek volunteering and philanthropic programme for MultiSport card users, which were selected in December 2018. Within the programme you could submit your initiatives that support physical activity among different social groups and receive finds to implement them. From among nearly 100 applications the chapter had selected 10 projects which were then put to the Internet users’ vote. Few weeks later we chose 6 winning projects that received funding from Benefit Systems, the creator of the MultiSport programme.

Project Leaders, whose initiatives won, had a specified amount of time to implement them. You can read about the effects of their work and their involvement HERE.  We are happy that MultiSport car users want to share their passion and commitment with others!

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