30 steps towards
a better shape

Take up a challenge with MultiSport
and embrace a healthier lifestyle!

Want to start eating healthy, stay in shape or get motivated to make changes in your lifestyle? Take up a challenge with MultiSport and develop healthy habits in just 30 days! The challenge has been prepared by Monika Ciesielska, dietician and author of a blog titled Dr Lifestyle, and Marta Hennig, trainer, author of a blog and book titled “Codziennie Fit” (Fit Every Day)..

For 30 days, we will send you daily prompts on how to take small steps to make big changes in your lifestyle. You don’t have to start at the deep end – with the help of our professionals, you will learn how much can be done with even the smallest effort.


  1. To join the challenge, click on the “Sign up” button (below).
  2. Then log in or register with the MultiSport Zone.
  3. Finally, accept the terms and conditions.

That's all! For the next 30 days, we will send daily messages to your e-mail how to eat healthy or exercise, plus a short downloadable article. For a month, try to act on our e-mail advice every day and... see what happens!


The challenge has been developed by Monika Ciesielska and Marta Hennig. Get to know them!

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