Take part in the 30 days sugar-free challenge.


You're probably here because you're having problems with sug­ar, maybe serious, maybe less so, that you want solved once and for all. You've come to the right place! For the next 30 days we will be making you more aware of what sugar is, what types there are, where it is found, and how it affects your health.


Each day, we'll inspire you with a short and relevant text, and a recipe for a snack without added sugar. The articles will deal with a variety of topics, divided into five categories:

  • introduction,
  • practical tips,
  • sugar substitutes,
  • sugar and physical exertion,
  • the effects of sugar on health.

The snack recipes will be of various types. Some savory, and some naturally sweet because we don't want you to go without sweetness entirely! Our aim is above all to encourage you to replace worthless refined sugar with fruit, nuts, dark chocolate and other healthy snacks.


Maybe in the beginning fruit smoothies or bananas in dark chocolate will seem less tasty than shop-bought ice cream or toffee bars, but don't worry! The body is a marvelous machine that can adapt to almost any conditions. After about two weeks of avoiding very sweet things, you'll start to experience flavors differently than before.

We don't want you to go cold turkey, leaving you shaking and dizzy, but motivate you to limit your sugar intake to an amount that doesn't threaten your health and general wellbeing. Will you try?

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