What makes a dietician frustrated? Part 2.

What aspects of the industry do dieticians find most annoying? We’ve asked Monika Ciesielska, a dietician and author of a blog on healthy lifestyle, to talk about the most harmful practices. Find out what frustrates Monika about the fitness world. You may also want to read the first part of the article..


There’s nothing wrong about wanting to earn a lot of money. But wanting to make money by putting other people’s health and wellbeing at risk is nothing short of evil.

  1. Selling bizarre supplements and devices is on the top of my list. My favourites are: encapsulated ground GRASS which costs PLN 99 per 100 grams and a water structuring device which “restores the water’s magnetic memory by repositioning its dipoles” and sells for PLN 2,500 per unit. These ineffective and useless things cost a fortune and are based on false claims of being helpful and beneficial.
  2. 2. Another frustrating aspect of the industry are my short-sighted colleagues. It’s really easy to fall in the “customer is king” trap even though this rule shouldn’t apply to ethical weight loss guidance. What makes customers satisfied with their dietician and recommend him or her to their friends? The answer is: when they lose weight, preferably fast.

A dietician or a personal trainer can prepare a diet or exercise plan that will lead to instant weight loss so that customers can take photos to showcase their amazing metamorphosis. By boasting about the efficacy of their programs, they draw new customers in. This could seem like the perfect strategy unless you take a moment to think about what usually happens to the customer next.

A rapid weight loss can lead to hormonal imbalances, health deterioration, decrease in vitality, and... the yo-yo effect.

JHow to deal with it? Remember that the primary goal of your weight loss coach should always be to achieve safe and permanent weight loss and not filling their pockets with your money.


As shown by studies involving hundreds of thousands of people, DASH and the Mediterranean diets are among the healthiest diets in the world. They are easy to use and don’t involve too many restrictions, supplements or strange mixtures. Many people can actually find them obvious, which for some translates as ineffective.

The more bizarre the diet rules are, the more likely it is that people will become interested. “If it’s so complicated, it must work!”, they think. This has led to the recent outburst in popularity of elimination diets, Paleo, and fasting. But the truth is that the most effective diet is a diet that you can maintain for life.

Losing weight is not a “from-to” process. The best thing you can do is develop new healthy habits that you can stick to over the long haul.

How to deal with it? Remember that the Dukan diet was debunked more than ten years after reaching peak popularity and its inventor was sentenced for fraud. It takes a while for the harmful effects of fad diets to manifest. Trust me, you don’t want to experience them. Rely on proven methods and don’t treat every new program on the market as the best option.

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