Try something new!

Why is vacation a good time for new experiences?

As every year, summer brings along a much-needed relaxation: the end of the school year, the end of the academic year, longer and warmer days, silly season in the media. We devote a little less time to everyday chores and have more appetite for play, enjoying life and trying new things. And this is as it should be!

Are you open to new challenges?

Openness to new challenges - so often associated with leaving one's comfort zone - does not come easy for everyone.

According to the psychological Big Five model, openness is one of the five character traits that occur in each of us to varying degrees. Therefore, for some of us experimentation comes easily and naturally, while for others it requires "breaking through". Although the desire to stay in one’s comfort zone is not inappropriate in itself, research demonstrates that sometimes it is worth trying to leave it!

It turns out that remaining in the state of optimal anxiety level, neither too high, nor too low, has a very positive effect on us. It helps to learn faster and increase productivity - and thus frees up new layers of creativity.

And, best of all, the more we do things that kick us out of the familiar, safe rhythm, the easier it is for us to take on new challenges in the future and face situations that we could not have foreseen. But if you don't like trying new things and all that going beyond the comfort zone - start with something small!

Use the holiday season to create an unusual daily routine!

  1. If you move around in your car every day, try using your bike for a while. A week? A month? How about the whole holiday season?
  2. Try some completely new activity you don't know yet. Ballroom dancing, horseback riding, air yoga, pole dancing, trampolines... And this is just the beginning of a long list of possibilities.
  3. As often as possible, shop at your local market and buy what's in season. An additional challenge: every time, choose a fruit and vegetable that you have never eaten before, or you think you don't like. Maybe you can discover some new favourite flavours?
  4. Do something crazy that you've been thinking about for a long time: paragliding, parachuting - you know best what your biggest temptation is! Your crazy dream is expensive? Start saving towards its fulfilment today.

If you get any ideas while reading this article - don't hesitate, act! Make sure that you have positive memories of this summer in the future.

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