In at the deep end!

The benefits of children learning to swim.

More and more parents make sure their children learn to love water activities from the first months of life. The benefits of swimming are endless, and the risk of injury is really insignificant. Find out why teaching the youngest children to swim is a good investment.

Swimming improves posture

Few sports across the world can compare to swimming in terms of balanced development of the body posture. Learning the alternate and symmetrical strokes of different swimming styles and working against the water’s natural resistance effectively stimulate young swimmers’ muscles. Thanks to water, children can naturally develop their motor skills and increase muscle strength and endurance without the burden of exercise with extra kilos “on their back.”

Swimming (also) improves character

Working out in the water on a regular basis contributes to fitness and helps to build character. Mastering a swimming stroke takes dozens (if not hundreds) of kilometres in the water, which some of us will consider too monotonous. But it is the monotonous drills that help young people to develop a habit of regular physical exercise, while teaching them patience and persistence in the pursuit of their goals.

Swimming “teaches” kids how to breathe

Swimming workouts take a lot of stamina. Not only do they involve whole-body movement and require determination, but they also force you to combine this with the proper breathing technique. Swimming is one of the best sports for improving physical performance from a very young age, and an enhanced oxygen supply promotes a child’s better and faster mental development.

Swimming is one of the safest sports

Swim practice is associated with little risk of injury. The power of water displacement helps to minimize the burden on the joints, and the symmetrical movements used for different swimming styles contribute to harmonious development of a child’s body in the growth period. Swimming injuries usually result from overuse so they are relatively rare and can be managed quickly with the right treatment.

Compared to people doing other performance sports (such as running or cycling), swimmers are a really healthy bunch of sports enthusiasts.

We are natural born swimmers

That’s the truth. A newborn placed in the water will actually move more naturally than any adult. That’s because before birth, a baby's natural environment in their mother’s womb is the amniotic fluid. Babies have no fear of water so it is best to start their adventure with swimming during the first months of life. This kind of movement will promote their dynamic growth and development, while offering a lot of fun and excitement for both the children and their parents.

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