The holidays – exercise or put your feet up?

Should a break from work be a break from sport? Even the oldest highlanders don’t know the answer, and neither do I - the dietician writing this article. I will risk saying that you’re the only person in the world that knows whether a break from training during the holidays is a good idea. I will try to help you decide, using a number of facts.

Yes! Training on vacation has its charms

Great routes to run, a fitness room overlooking the sea, yoga on the beach, crossfit in the great outdoors - a new location lets you turn the routines you already know into new experiences. Training in a holiday location may prove to be a real motivation booster for months to come.

No! Regeneration is an element of every training plan

The more intensive your training plan, the more important regeneration is to its effectiveness. Shaping your figure and building stamina and proficiency might seem to take place only during trainings. In fact, the biochemical changes set in motion by activity go on continuously - even during sleep and on days when you don’t train. During detraining - that’s what we call a deliberate break from heavy training - the organism regenerates. The holidays may be the ideal time for a break.

Yes! The more you want to eat, the more you should move

I recommend that gastrotourists have a varied vacation training plan. Apart from practising your favourite sport of wielding a fork in one restaurant after the other, it’s also worth making sure you get other types of physical exercise while you are away. If you intend to eat much more than usual and still maintain your weight - you’ve simply got to move.

No! Be honest with yourself

If the only fitness room you’ve seen in the last half year has been on Instagram, you don’t have to go to a hotel with a precisely mapped-out training plan. A sudden increase in activity isn’t conducive to relaxation and regeneration - the whole point of going on vacation. Soreness which persists for a few days can really discourage you from engaging in spontaneous activities that, overall, would bring you more benefits than a single heavy workout.

Yes! You can be active in many different ways

Remember, physical activity is more than just training. You have many more choices than: a) backbreaking workouts morning and evening, and b) lying flat as a pancake for two weeks. After all, on your holidays you can:

  • go trekking,
  • go swimming and have a great time in local aquaparks,
  • go walking - walking on urban vacations not only increases the amount of energy you spend during the day, but also reduces how much money you spend. Fewer expenses on public transport and taxis means more money to shell out on delicious food!
  • go dancing,
  • go walking where most tourists don’t want to go - empty spots for free!

It's all up to you. It’s only 4% of the whole year

I’m taking the optimistic view that your holidays will last 14 days - not even 4% of the year. It’s too short a period to affect your overall form. The holidays– exercise or put your feet up? By not working out, you gather strength for further work later on. By training in exceptional natural conditions, you can gain motivation you didn’t have before. Since either choice is a good one, choose what’s best for you, your mind and your body.

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