A warm-up is the foundation of a successful training session.

Two forward bends, a few hops, perhaps a short trot. That will do.

Do you know that feeling? We tend to underestimate the value of a pre-workout warm up. “What’s the point if I’m going to get tired soon, anyway?”, we ask ourselves, and completely skip the warm up or do just a few basic exercises.

Sometimes we take it more seriously and go on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Our heart rate rises and our body gets ready for the upcoming effort... But is that enough?

Marcin Sałata and Piotr Obtułowicz, also known as the Fit Mates, came up with a new warm up routine. It doesn’t involve jumping jacks, jumping squats or knee bends. Instead, it will surely help you improve your mobility and stability. It will also activate even the most overlooked body parts. Get to know this 15-minute warm up routine based on the most modern workout techniques.


Shall we start now?

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